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Padangbai Barong Dance: An Exorcism Ceremony

September 21st, 2015

We weren’t expecting to see spiritual warfare when we went to Padangbai. Our main purpose for visiting the small fishing village was actually just to check out the action below the water: reef sharks, manta rays, turtles, and general ocean scenes seemingly taken straight from Finding Nemo. And while we were fortunate to experience the incredible marine life Padangbai boasts (sans manta rays), this wasn’t the most memorable part of our short stay in the town. That’s because this was no typical day on Bali’s east coast; it was the day of the Barong dance ceremony.

Barong Dance Crowd

Padangbai, Bali Villagers



Now we had already seen numerous Barong dances before arriving in Padangbai, a favorite being in Ubud. So when we heard we would have the opportunity to see another one, we weren’t all that excited. I mean, it has got to be like the Harlem Shake—once you’ve seen one, you’ve pretty much seen them all, right?


Wrong. Especially when it is a local, religious ceremony; then it’s still an entertaining performance but with a much deeper, spiritual purpose. As it turns out, our previous encounters with Barong had left a crucial element out of the tourist driven performances: exorcism.

But before we get to the juicy stuff, here’s a summary of the story of Barong, according to Balinese mythology. Don’t worry, it’s quick.

Barong dance portrays an epic battle between good and evil, a similar concept in most world religions. Barong, often depicted as a lion, represents ultimate good. In contrast, Rangda is an evil witch, or demon queen, skilled in black magic. Does this not already sound reminiscent of a certain Narnia plot? Unfortunately, after that, it gets a bit more complicated. The Barong appears on the stage, accompanied by monkeys, which are historically associated as helpers of the Barong. (This could be why there are so many monkeys still found at Balinese temples. That or all the free bananas they receive from the tourists…) They dance around happily before the malicious Randga makes her appearance, attempting to cause harm to the Barong, at which point the battle between good and evil begins.



Rangda Attack

This is also the point where things in the audience start to get…well…interesting. Just to reiterate, this wasn’t a performance for tourists. It was an authentic religious ceremony to balance the level of good and evil in the local village, Padangbai. As such, the performance involved personal purification as well. We didn’t really realize that at the time, and it took much clarification from our friendly Balinese bartender later that night to understand what was happening. But as I was saying, this is when the audience really started to get going, and Dan and I simultaneously started distancing ourselves from the crowd. It’s also the point where people started to become possessed by the evil spirit of Rangda. It came on slowly, and of course the first person to feel the ill effects was literally seated one foot away from us. The young man, who appeared to be in his twenties, spontaneously began wildly thrashing around while screaming out in incomprehensible pain. His buddies nearby quickly pinned his arms and legs to the ground as he struggled with what appeared to be pure hysteria. Dan and I had no idea this was coming, and as we dodged to avoid his flaring fists, we were astonished to hear the sounds of laughter in the air. Looking around, we could see local women and children enjoying the scene, apparently not phased by it all. Okay then, nothing to worry about. Maybe it’s just this guy’s charming personality. But as the show continued, more men systematically began to fall prey to the spirit of the Rangda. Before we knew it, the crowd had divided into groups, with the women and children standing about the same place as Dan and I, and the men huddled in circles of ten while attempting to restrain their possessed companion.

Now, all the dancing was still going on at this point in time. But somehow while fearing black eyes from stray fists we got a bit distracted (imagine that happening, eh?) Suddenly the costumed dancers had exited the stage and the ceremony appeared to have ended. The men who were possessed were quietly helped up, a handful of the women and children began to leave, and the few other tourists present could be heard chattering about what possibly could have been going on. We were just about to make our exit when we noticed a couple lines forming. It wasn’t long before we also realized bundles of sticks were being set ablaze and a new crowd had formed, circling around the priest holding the glowing branches. It was time for the actual exorcism to take place! The spirit of Randga was still very present in the possessed men, and craziness seemed to ensue. Holy men from the temple, with their heads wrapped in white and their bodies covered in sarongs methodically began forcing arak, the local liquor, into the mouths of the distraught men. This seemed to only make their case worse as now they were obsessed with the nearby flames. Their fellow villagers finally let them loose to run towards the fire where other holy men were waiting to beat them with the torch, although apparently taking care to hit them on places that would do no serious harm. The fire then appeared analogous to the evil spirits, for after the first was extinguished, the second followed suit. One by one the spirit of Rangda was exorcised, and the balance between good and evil was restored. The exorcised men collapsed quietly to the ground, understandably exhausted from the spiritual war that had taken place inside them.

We were quite taken back by this ceremony, and unsure what to make of the events that had transpired. Specifically, we couldn’t be certain as to whether those who had been overcome by evil spirits were just acting. Had they previously decided to become ‘possessed’? It seemed a bit odd that those who did feel the effects were spaced so evenly across the crowd, with a group of friends nearby to respond to their frenzy immediately. Or did they just know that they would feel Rangda because of some bad occurrence in their life that needed to be sorted out? Over our own glasses of arak later that night, we spent a long time talking to our Balinese bartender about the ceremony, asking him these very questions. While he was able to clarify a little, he also couldn’t be certain. However, he did emphasize that it wasn’t a joke or an act. Perhaps those who became possessed did know it would happen prior to the Barong dance. Or maybe not. But this question didn’t seem of importance to him, or any of the other locals we asked—quite a contrast to Western culture. Ultimately, it seems left to believe what you would like about the performance and the evil spirits present.



Apabila teman ingin melihat videonya bisa disini :

Pantai Indah Di Bali Dan Tersembunyi – Pantai Bias Tugel

September 21st, 2015

Sedikit informasi buat teman-teman yang suka keliling tempat-tempat yang indah salah satunya pantai, ini pantai yang berada di desa saya yaitu Dsa Padangbai,Kcamatan Manggis,Kabupaten Karangasem,Bali.

Kata Bias berarti pasir, sedangkan tugel artinya terpotong. Jadi pantai Bias Tugel memiliki arti pantai yang pasirnya terpotong. Hal ini karena areal pantai yang tidak begitu luas dibagian kanan dan kirinya diapit oleh batu karang yang lumayan besar. Pantai ini tergolong pantai kecil yang memiliki pasir putih dan dapat kami kategorikan sebagai salah satu pantai indah di Bali.

Pantai Bias Tugel









Akses menuju pantai jaraknya sekitar 500 meter dari pelabuhan Padang Bai. Anda harus berjalan kaki melalui jalan yang cukup terjal dan berbatu. Lumayan memeras keringat sepanjang perjalanan. Namun tidak mengecewakan, si cantik yang tersembunyi menyambut anda. Hamparan pantai berpasir putih dengan air laut yang jernih membiru di depan mata.

Wisatawan yang berkunjung tidak dikenakan tiket masuk alias gratis. Fasilitas penunjang obyek wisata di Bali seperti hotel dan restoran belum dibangun disekitar pantai. Hanya ada beberapa warung makanan dan minuman kecil. Tempatnya tergolong sederhana yang terbuat dari bambu dan beratapkan daun kelapa kering. Menurut informasi pedagang yang merupakan penduduk setempat, warung mereka kadang-kadang roboh jika angin laut sangat kencang. Terutama saat musin hujan angin di malam hari.

Batu karang yang menjulang tinggi dibagian kanan dan kiri pantai membuat tempat ini terasing dari pantai di sebelahnya. Sangat cocok untuk liburan keluarga bagi yang membawa anak-anak. Orang tua akan mudah mengawasi anak-anaknya jika bermain pasir, karena pengunjung disekitar pantai tergolong sepi. Sebagian besar yang datang adalah mereka yang hobi selancar dan snorkeling. Ombak di pantai gelombangnya cukup tinggi dan panjang. Kehidupan alam bawah airnya masih sangat alami, dengan terumbu karang yang mempesona. Berbagai macam ikan hias hadir menyapa pecinta snorkeling.

Waterblow atau air laut yang muncrat ke atas akibat benturan gelombang dengan batu karang dapat anda saksikan sekitar 50 meter disebelah kanan pantai. Wisatawan tidak pernah melewatkan kesempatan untuk mengambil foto muncratnya air yang nampak seperti air mancur. Bagi anda yang memiliki kegemaran untuk melakukan wisata pantai di Bali, tentunya anda akan perlu akan daftar pantai pantai Bali yang menarik untuk dikunjungi, anda hanya tinggal mengklik link, maka anda akan diarahkan ke daftar pantai bagus di Bali yang layak anda kunjungi selama liburan.

Peta Lokasi Pantai Bias Tugel Bali

Setelah anda sampai di pelabuhan Padang Bai, sebelum memasuki pelabuhan ada perempatan, jika anda lurus anda akan menemukan pelabuhan Padang Bai. Di perempatan ini anda belok kanan untuk menuju lokasi pantai Bias Tugel, jika anda belok kiri maka akan anda temukan pantai Blue Lagoon yang juga salah satu pantai indah di Bali dengan lokasi tersembunyi.

Peta Pantai Bias Tugel Bali





September 21st, 2015

Ospek memang harus diikuti oleh setiap mahasiswa baru, begitu juga di Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta. UNY mengadakan opek pada tanggal 24 Agustus 2015  sampai 28 Agustus 2015. Pada pada hari pertama ospek diadakan ospek universitas, kita berkumpul di GOR UNY bersama mahasiswa baru dari fakultas lainnya. Sangat menyenangkan ospek hari pertatam tersebut. Setelah ahri pertama berlalu, kini menjalani ospek hari kedua yang bertempat masih seperti kemarin yaitu GOR UNY. Berbeda dengan hari sebelumnya, ospek hari kedua ini acaranya adalah display UKM yang ada di UNY. Disini kita dapat melihat 38 UKM yang ada di UNY. Pertama kali melihat atau mengikuti acara yang seperti ini dengan euforia yang mebara dari semua fakultas. setelah menjalani 2 ahri ospek universitas, hari ketiga kita semua menjalani ospek fakultas dan bertempat di fakultas masing-masing. Seperti namanya ospek fakultas kita diajak unutk lebih mengenal lingkungan sekitar kampus yang akan kita tempati ini, contoh : dekan,dosen dan gedung-gedung yang ada di fakultas kita masing-masing, misalnya saya yang dari Fakultas Ekonomi, saya dan teman mahasiswa baru diperkenalkan dekan,dosen dan ada yang disebut safari fakultas yaitu keling Faklutas Ekonomi untuk melihat gedung dan guna gedung tersebut. Satu hal yang saya ingat dihari ketiga ospek ini yaitu sedihnya ditinggal orang tua yang pulang ke Bali. Sedih tidaklah terus diingat atau dirasakan, setelah ospek hari ketiga selanjutanya ospek hari keempat atau ospek jurusan dijalani. Dalam ospek jurusan lebih mendalam kita dperkenalkan lebih jurusan semisal dosen atau tata tertib. Berbeda dengan ospek sebelumnya ospek jurusan lebih banyak adanya games, seru dan menyenangkan rasanya. Dan terakhir ospek hari kelima, banyak pentas yang ditunjukkan dalam acara ospek hari kelima ini, puncak acaranya adalah saat KPK minta maaf ka kita semua dan semua anggota KPK itu pertama kali unjuk gigi. Berkumpul dan berpelukan dengan teman segugus, berjanji akan sukses bersama walaupun nanti jalan kita berbeda. SUKSES UNTUK KITA SEMUA DAN UNTUK GUGUS THOMAS JEFFERSON jangan lupakan aku yaaa.. 🙂

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September 19th, 2015

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